Hi there,

My name is Matt Foden and I am currently studying Finance and Management at the University of Newcastle here in the UK. After graduation I am hoping to pursue the career of a financial advisor and will be redeveloping this website once qualified.

While at university I have built up quite a bit of debt but through careful financial planning have tried to manage my finances pretty well. I have included a brief article on credit cards below just to get a bit of content up on my homepage. Please don’t take any of it as financial advice. I have also made good cost effective use of temporary car insurance as it just isn’t prudent for me to have an annual policy when I don’t need access to a car during term time. It did take a while to find the best place to get very cheap temporary car insurance as there are quite a few providers now who offer a range of short term quotes. If you want to find yourself the best credit card deals that are out there you have to do a little bit of research on your own. It is never a good idea to grab an offer that is right in front of you because it is easy and sounds like a good deal. Most of the time offers that sound perfect to you initially can be a pain to your credit after the lapse of the introductory period offer.

Therefore, to find the best credit card rates you need to look a little more closely and into a few more offers before choosing one. Sometimes the advantages offered by these deals end up charging you at the end of every year for the same. You need to avoid such deals.

If you are someone who travels a lot and makes a lot of transactions in foreign currency there might be deals credit cards that add bonus points to your credit card account depending on the level of transactions you make within a period. After sometime when you accumulate enough points you are entitled to free gifts and offers at various retail outlets and other purchases.

The best credit card offers are free of annual fee payments. If you think your present offer is not good enough for you, you should get out of it immediately before your debt amount increases to a considerably large amount. Look for offers that suit your purchase plans and credit offers. Once you find yourself a perfect offer go for it. You will see that being patient and choosy pays off in the long run.