10 Great Digital Photography Tips

I love scenes that include clouds. When the sky is full of big, fluffy clouds it gives the sky a luminous effect that I feel enhances the rest of the scene. But I haven’t figured out how to make clouds magically appear when the sky is blank so I resort to a polarizing filter to do the opposite, darken the sky.

This adds drama and the filter also enhances the colors in the scene and gives them more “pop”. But what if your digital camera doesn’t accept filters? Don’t fret, there’s a workaround that may not be quite as good, but it does work wonder on dull gray or faint blue skies. To learn how to achieve a moderate polarized effect, and pick up 9 other useful tips check out this page. I took today’s picture on the roof of the “New York New York Casino”, here in Las Vegas, this past January with my Kodak 880P and a polarizing filter “dialed in” to about maximum effect.

Later this year I’ll cover polarizers and other filters in more depth.

If you’re interested in Las Vegas and would like to see a few more of my pictures and videos of it please check out my other blog “PlayTime Las Vegas”. Take a camera with you whenever possible, and look around, you’ll find a picture somewhere.

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