10 Tips From Pro Photographers

Smartphone cameras are getting more amazing over the last three years with companies improving photo resolution, adding lenses, and integrating photo storage options. This allows you to snap without worrying about filling up your camera roll. If you ask anyone who has an Instagram account, they’ll tell you that the camera is the best feature of any smartphone. You should improve your photography skills if you have the most recent and greatest smartphone. Here are some professional tips and accessories that will elevate your photography game to Ansel Adams level.

Start with a blank slate

You’ll need to ensure that your equipment is clean before you take a single shot. Pre-shot cleaning is often necessary. Henry Oji, a portrait and fine-art photographer, says that this is his first rule. Before you take an image, always clean the lens of your phone. Although wiping your lens with your jeans may work, you should avoid using any coarse materials like cotton shirts or napkins that have been dipped into water. This could cause damage to your lens. To keep scratches away, you can use a soft material such as a microfiber cloth to wipe any marks off your lens.

A little framing can go a long ways

While artfully framing photos requires creativity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do everything by yourself. You can use your camera to help you compose and frame your shots. On iOS, go to Settings then select Camera. To deploy a rule of thirds overlay in Camera, enable Grid. This grid will allow you to better compose your image and align your shot with any horizontal or vertical lines. For perfectly framed Instagram images, use Settings > apps > camera. Framing is just one part of creating an image. It’s also important to avoid capturing unwanted subjects during your shoot. Kenny Rodriguez, a portrait and nightlife photographer, says, “Composition, compose, composition!” His subjects are rarely in the same place for very long. “I recommend making sure everything is in the frame because you want it there.”

Get rid of the digital zoom

You might not be able to see the dog in person, but you may have to settle for a photo. Zooming in on the subject before you take the photo is not an option. Digital zoom images are just cropped and resized, not the full-featured optical zoom. Digital zoom will produce a grainy image. It will also reduce the resolution and magnify any vibrations. This will leave you with a poor representation of your adorable dog. This includes photos taken with multiple lenses on smartphones, such as the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

Before you make your, look for light.

No matter how good your pose is, the flash of an LED light coming from a smartphone won’t flatter anyone. The harsh light from one source can give images an odd-colored, harsh look, whereas diffused light from multiple sources will make them appear more natural. You don’t have to rely on a weak light source to illuminate your subject. Instead, look for other light sources, such as the sun, indoor lights, or candlelight. To provide more light, another smartphone’s flashlight can be used if you are really struggling to find light.

Be on the lookout for cloud storage shenanigans

Google Photos and iCloud are great options for cloud storage. You can take a lot of photos and not worry about the space on your phone. Some of these services may not automatically store the highest resolution versions of your photos. If you take a lot of photos, you might have to pay a monthly charge to backup all of your high-resolution photos. Joao Morgado, an architecture photographer, says that cloud-based backup services are one of the best investments. You can send low-resolution photos to the cloud if you are willing to compromise image quality in exchange for more storage space. If you are looking to preserve every pixel or value image quality over all else, it might be worth paying a little extra each month for photos stored in their original format.

Be careful!

The tripod is the most important tool for photographers. If you find your photos of the skyline looking a little out of place or images taken at sunset blurry, it’s time to learn how to use it. Morgado says that a good tripod is essential but is often overlooked by smartphone photographers. A steady hand is better than a shakey one, but the tripod’s flexibility allows you to add your own style to your photos. It allows you to experiment with a wide range of photography techniques, including long exposures, low-light photography, light painting, and time-lapse. These tripods can be used with any smartphone, so they are ideal for smartphone photography. Smartphone cases can be purchased with built-in mounting threads so that they can be attached to professional tripods and other accessories such as shoulder straps.

Use a shutter button to control your remote

Are you tired of setting a timer, sprinting to capture the frame and getting an unsatisfactory picture? It sounds like you might need a remote shutter. This accessory is ideal for images that require steady hands or self-portraits. Morgado says that tapping the screen will result in vibrations that can affect your photography, regardless of how careful you are. This is because architecture photography requires long exposures. It is an easy way to improve your technique for night photography and long exposures. Samsung’s Galaxy Note series smartphones have a stylus included that doubles up as a discreet remote shutter button. It can be hidden in your pocket or hand when you’re ready for the shot. Are you not an Android user? The remote shutters are small and easy to carry, they can also be connected via Bluetooth.

Tell your Android phone to take a photo

Your smartphone is already listening and waiting for your attention. Why not let it take your selfies? Android smartphones can be asked by the Google Assistant to take a selfie, a timed shot, or photo. Then, your phone will open the camera app. Google Pixel smartphones can be programmed to automatically identify the best moment for a photo by asking it.

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