5 Documentaries for Photographers Enthusiasts

Every artist and designer has to search for inspiration constantly. To unlock greater creativity, you must adjust your perspective as a photographer. Documentaries can be a great source of inspiration as they reflect great artists’ hardships, struggles, and successes.

This list was created to inspire you. It is crucial to learn about photography and the rich history of some of the most important photographers to grow as a photographer.

In our previous articles, we also featured 5 inspiring movies. This is a continuation of the excellent list, and we have added documentaries about the inspiration for photographers.

Human (2015)

The film’s core is a deeply philosophical and heartfelt tale of humanity, filled with raw emotions. The film also features stunning bird’s eye views of remote locations around the globe. Individuals are also featured in the film telling their stories.

It is a beautiful documentary that encourages positive change in the world. It addresses the issues of love, war, religion, poverty, and hope. These stories are so real that their lives will move you.

The Salt of the Earth (2015)

Sebastiao Salgado, a photographer, has documented humanity’s changing faces across continents. He witnesses many major historical events and has a personal story to share.

This documentary focuses on his trip to the wilderness with exquisite landscapes, exotic people and breathtaking scenery. His photography is a tribute and celebration of nature. It will leave you speechless.

Finding Vivian Maier (2013)

This story is fascinating for many strange and wonderful reasons. The story begins with a man who discovers the secrets of Vivian Maier. He purchased a trunk containing 100,000 negatives and discovered some of the most outstanding street photography. These works were kept secret for a long time, and Vivian was not there to witness their success.

Vivian was an obsessed woman with photography. Vivian had the unique ability to get people to talk to her about one photo frame, and then she was gone. She has taken hundreds upon hundreds of street photos over the years. It is almost like a thriller documentary. What was the story of this woman?

5 Broken Cameras (2011)

Emad Burnat lives and works in a Palestinian village. Emad Burnat is also a self-taught cameraman and has spent a lot of time documenting the events around him. His filming includes turmoil, troubles with the officials and fights. Burnat captures the village’s troubles, but it isn’t lost on him.

Burnat lost five cameras during filming. Each camera was used to record important events. Five stories were also affected by the loss of these cameras. Guy David and Guy Davidi create a film about the men and the events to which they are tied.

Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

Bill Cunningham is a well-known street photographer in the fashion world. This documentary explores Cunningham’s life, work, and dedication to his profession. He has documented New York’s vibrant, eccentric fashion scene for decades. His work is his life, and this documentary gives us a glimpse into his world.

The documentary Bill Cunningham New York examines the artist’s many works in great detail. It also shows the man behind it all, a man who has been obsessed with fashion and photography his entire life. You will be inspired to view more of the artist’s work and might even become his new hero.


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