Analog Photography: 7 Tips

Digital photography is a blessing compared to analog photography. If you are looking to experience photography in its original form then film shooting is the best option. Many people believe analog photography captures the essence of photography. This is why so many people are getting into film photography.

It is important to remember that digital photography does not guarantee success in analog photography. You should be aware of a few things. This video is by Joe Greer, a photographer for Team COOPH. It contains seven tips to help you get started in film photography. Film photography’s biggest problem is your inability to instantly preview your images. This will make it difficult to know if you have captured the right shot. Greer recommends that you keep a photographic logbook.

You can compare your final images with the settings you used and, eventually, you will be able to improve your ability to find the best settings for different situations. Film photography offers a unique feature: the ability to choose from a variety of film stocks. Each stock has its own characteristics and lends an image a unique look. Keep in mind that ISOs for these stocks are fixed. You’ll need to select the right film stock based on the lighting conditions that you intend to use.

Each photo you take with film has a cost. You shouldn’t let this stop you from learning and making mistakes. You should continue to shoot, keep a log of what you have been doing, and constantly review your work. It will become second-nature to film photography once you have mastered it. Greer’s tips for film photography are detailed in the video.

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