Basics on Low Light Photography

Why invest on an SLR?. People often wonder if an SLR camera is actually required unless your into professional photography. Well, using your mobile or a normal digital camera for capturing photographs of events that are conducted in a closed hall or during nights have always turned out to be a disappointment. This is where the actual power of an SLR camera is shown. All major restaurants stick to a low light ambiance while hosting dinners, this gives a very elegant feel to the occasion. SLR camera’s give the option of manual settings which allows you to change the way your want your picture to be taken.

Here’s a few tips on how to capture good low light pictures Set a high ISO: Higher the ISO the more sensitive your camera’s lens is to the light. High ISO settings tend to give you more noise to the final picture as well, but a digital retouch on the photo would help you get rid of that noise. In simple terms higher the ISO the brighter the object or the light itself would look. Use a Larger Aperture: SLR camera’s give you the option of setting the aperture values. Aperture determine the amount of light that enters you lens. Shooting at f/5.6 and f/18 would give you two pictures altogether, lower the aperture value the higher the amount of light entering your lens. Hence lower value for a higher aperture is how it works.

Slow down the Shutter Speed: Shutter speeds sets the amount light of light captured by the camera. Though it both aperture and shutter speed sound similar, Shutter speed determines the amount of time the lens would remain open to let light in. Lower shutter speeds or Bulb shutter settings allow to take experimental shots. Avoid using built in camera flash: In case the need of flash photography arises, make sure that you use an external flash. Use the external flash’s to bounce light of walls that would avoid harsh shadows. Process you images: Make sure majority of you low light shots are taken in a RAW format. This would help in professional photo retouching. Picture touch up is required for all low light shots to get rid of excessive noise low light photography can generate. Retouching images is must for low light shots.

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