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Photography is a passion, art and hobby for many of us. It takes dedication and time to improve your photography skills. 

How to create the best possible post processing for each subject and how to improve your post-production workflow. You will need lots of inspiration and endless photography resources to achieve this. is the place to go. PhotoWhoa offers a wide range of free and paid photography resources. This is a compilation of 10 top free resources that will help you improve your photography skills. All of them are available for download.

Lightroom Presets Free for Portraits

Looking for the best Lightroom presets to enhance portraits? These presets for portraits are intended for skilled photographers who want to reduce the time spent on color correction. It’s easy to use – just pick one preset that you like and apply it in a matter of seconds. Lightroom presets can be used to improve even the most mundane shots and turn them into portfolio-worthy images. The image is vibrant, vivid and comes alive in new colors.

Hand Poses for Women

Isn’t it amazing how simple portraits can reveal the thoughts and feelings of the model? It takes a certain skill and technique to make ordinary portraiture art. These skills can take a lifetime to master, especially when you consider that not all models are trained. It’s not only the job of the photographer that you should know, but also that of the model. Did you ever think about directing women? It’s not enough to ask your models to smile or stand in a certain angle to get the right pose. It is important to explain how each limb and muscle is placed, as well as the expressions and appearance of their faces.

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