Get That Perfect Newborn Photography Shoot

It comes as no surprise that newborn photography is usually considered as fun and really adorable. Take note though, if this is something that you would like to try out; there are a lot of challenges that come along with it. This holds particularly true if you are not a parent and do not understand the usual idiosyncrasies that kids and babies in general come along with. Of course, as you progress, you will see that you will eventually develop your styles and techniques. This article is aimed for the total newbie who would like to navigate the uncharted waters of newborn photography or for those who are struggling with it. We hope these tips will at least help lighten the load. You have to understand that there are commonly 2 types of photography styles for newborns: one is posed and the other more candid approach is regarded as “lifestyle”. It is pretty much the same thing with wedding photography. The more classic one is regarded as traditional while the more current and casual one is regarded as documentary or reportage.

What is posed newborn photography?

Posed newborn photography is ideally done within the first two weeks of the newborn’s life. The newborn is asleep almost all of the time so it is very easy to choreograph the “poses” with not much hassle.

What is lifestyle newborn photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography on the other hand is ideally taken when the newborn is six weeks old and onwards. It tends to capture the candid baby shots such as when the baby yawns, laughs, sits up, cries, and so on and so forth. The tickler here though is that a shoot like this can only last up to a maximum of 2 hours because of how impatient and fussy babies can be most of the time.

You have to prepare ahead of time

Although newborn photography Oxfordshire may not be as major as a wedding photo shoot, you will still need to prep your gear accordingly just so that you will be able to go through the entire shoot without that much of a hassle. Come up with a checklist of the must-have items that you would need for the shoot. You can always start off with the basics such as your primary and backup camera, an army of memory cards, backup batteries, any backlight or backdrops that you would like to incorporate into your project and of course, all of the props that you would like to include and try out. It might also be good sense for you to bring a kneeling pad or a thick blanket because chances are, you’re going to be on your knees for the duration of the shoot.

Macro shots are always awesome

Those are the close-ups of a baby’s yawn, the toes, or any part of the body. It is usually best to take your macro shots when the baby is asleep because it gives you more liberty to move from one angle to another and they won’t get too disturbed by the sensitive focus on the macro lens since they’re technically asleep.

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