Pay Tribute To The Historic Highway Through Route 66 Photographs

What is the best way of paying tribute to a place than to have the memorabilia of the place? The journey to Route 66 was a fascinating one, as many would remember. Only a few have forgotten the road trip among those who had actually been on the trip. It is hard to forget, and if you are not affected by dementia, you would always remember the fun and excitement of making the trip on the way to California. Route 66 covered nine states, and was established back in. Till it was the mother or all roads, unless it was officially totally replaced by the Interstate Highway system. The Great Route 66 covered amazing places of travel, making the travel the memory of a lifetime.

It was embedded in popular culture by hit songs, books and television shows celebrating the memory of the journey from Springfield to Los Angeles. Covering more than 2000 miles, Route 66 was the grand old daddy of all road trips, and those who had traveled the entire stretch of this amazing road would always remember how amazing it was to make the journey. The Route 66 photographs are testimony to that travel, memories of a journey that took you on the freeway of mind. The road has become extinct now, although partially. Parts of the old road still exist, christened as Historic Route 66, and the folklore continues to grow. The photos contribute to the stories about Route 66. The stories confirm how it was once a bustling highway with motels and joints, and how it has now turned to history.

Route 66 reminds everyone that nothing is permanent in this world. What was once the scene of hectic activities has now become an isolated piece of road with the passage of time. It reminds us that life is ever changing and new developments in civilizations make the old cultural monuments a history. No one knows what is going to happen after some years from now. This is life and everyone has to accept it. Now Route 66 is only the remains of the old memories for the generations to remember.

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