Photographing Bald Eagles During Heavy Snowfall

On snowy days, people have different views. Photographing snowy landscapes is a wonderful way to capture them. It would be so simple to take photos of snow. We have Emilie Guierin, a photographer who shares her experiences with heavy snowfall. Guerin takes photos of baldeagles in snowfall and walks around, so you can see that it’s not for everyone.

It is important to have the appropriate clothes if you are required to work in these conditions. Comfort and health are the most important things. You should also ensure that your gear is weather-sealed. Before you can actually find your subject, all that preparation is necessary. It is important to research the habits and lifestyles of wildlife when shooting in snow. Some animals love to be out in the snow while others prefer hiding during the day. When it’s below zero outside, knowing where and when to find them is crucial.

From a technical standpoint, you can overexpose the image by one or two stops. Bright snow can cause confusion for the camera’s meter. It can be compensated for by using the exposure compensation function on your camera. Do you enjoy taking photos in the snow? We would love to hear about your experiences taking snow photos of wildlife.

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