Still Life Photography Tips And Techniques

Photography of still life has many uses. You might want to capture a photo of a beautiful shell, or perhaps a photograph of an item you are selling on eBay. You might also be interested in selling still-life photography downloads on stock photography websites or to food magazines. It doesn’t matter what reason you have, still photography is an excellent skill to master.

There are many subjects that you can use for still life photography, even if you’re not photographing products or images for a magazine assignment. Still life photography doesn’t have to be limited to pictures of grapes and apples, contrary to popular belief. Even things like spools or thread arranged in an interesting way can be visually appealing. Commercial users are in high demand on microstock sites such as Shutterstock or iStock for still life. Often, these objects are very basic, such as a cup of tea or a key.

Still life photography is often viewed as easier than landscape or sports photography. You often have complete control over the composition of stills and can arrange inanimate objects exactly the way you want. Sometimes, taking good still life photos can prove to be more difficult than usual. Because they are so close, imperfections such as a small blemish on a fruit can be easily seen. This is something that most people would not notice.

Lighting For Still Life photography

Professional photographers use soft boxes or light boxes to capture still lives. As you will see, soft boxes are not necessary for good results. You can either order a softbox online, or make your own using the instructions online. These lighting tools are meant to give light to the subject. Setting up your photo shoot outdoors can help you get good light. You can achieve a softbox effect with a bright sky or high overcast, without any harsh shadows.

Composing Still Life Photos

You need to arrange your objects in a pleasing arrangement when you are creating a photograph. For ideas on how to compose your photos, you might consider classical composition techniques such as the “Rule of Thirds”, “Leading Lines”, or “Frame within a Frame”. Use your imagination to arrange the objects. To give the apple some interest, you might try to eat it.

Fill The Frame W/ Your Still Life Suject

Always remember when taking still-life pictures that the subject must be the only thing you see in your LCD screen or viewfinder. To get a clear and crisp image, you must remove all distractions from the background. It doesn’t matter if you have a background or backdrop that you don’t like. You can easily fix it. This problem can be solved by using a softbot or light box. If you are taking photos outside with a distracting background, you can place a piece white foam board behind the subject to make it stand out. Use macro mode to get sharp images. Otherwise, you might end up with fuzzy images.

Looking For A Good Angle?

Instead of shooting from the height you are at, aim your camera at your subject so it is parallel to your body. Try shooting from different angles. These still-life photography tips can be applied immediately to improve the quality of your images.

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