Ten Movies Every Photographer Should Watch

Holidays are the perfect time to enjoy delicious food, celebrate with loved ones and share joyous moments. You can also curl up with a book on a winter day or watch a movie about photography.

This is a list that includes movies about photographers. Regardless, any film about photography will inspire photographers. Here are some movies we think you’ll enjoy.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)

This is the first film on our list of must-see photography movies. It captures the dreams and fantasies of Walter Mitty, the main character. Walter Mitty is Life Magazine’s negative assets manager. Walter lives a simple existence and sets out to find #25 of negative assets to help his partner finish the job and save the magazine’s new issue. Walter awakens an adventurous spirit and sets off on a journey he had envisioned.

Gregory Crewdson: A Brief Encounter (2012)

Gregory Crewdson is a legend if you have seen his works. His work is powerful, compelling, and thought-provoking. This film is about the creative process of the photographer and how it brings to life the captivating images that he dreams up. This documentary-style film shows the talent and creativity of a highly talented creative individual. It was shot over a decade ago.

Hand Held (2010)

Romania was in turmoil right after the fall communist regime in 1989. Mike Carrol is a documentary photographer who travels to Romania during the conflict. He captures some of the most shocking and horrifying scenes from the unexpected scene of Romania’s 20th century. Mike shares heartbreaking stories and opens the eyes of the west to the situation of the helpless in Romania.

The Bang Bang Club (2010)

The Bang Bang Club is a heartwarming photography movie that explores a difficult topic. The film tells the story of four photographers who set out to document Apartheid South Africa. To capture the events in South Africa, the characters took extreme measures and brought back their stories. Based on the book The Bang Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War, this movie about photography was created.

Fur: A Imaginary Portrait by Diane Arbus (2006)

This movie is partly based on a true story and explores a small part of Diane Arbus’s life. The movie stars Nicole Kidman as an eccentric photographer who is also a shy housewife. It is about mystery and exploration, unique talent, and a sense of wonder. The main character takes pictures of people who don’t fit within societal boundaries and realms.

William Eggleston: In The Real World

William Eggleston is a well-known American photographer. Although he is not a prolific writer, he has the impressive title of “The Father in Color Photography”. This movie about photography is so interesting and valuable because some artists don’t enjoy talking about their work. We are given insight into William’s personality and his contributions to the world of photography. He is an icon for all artists around the globe and an inspiration.

One Hour Photo (2002)

It is a thriller-like film about a photo clerk who becomes obsessed with his family, starring Robin Williams (Sy). Sy is a proud manager of a photo processing section in a shop. We are introduced to Sy’s favorite customer, a happy family and their young son. Sy’s fascination for his family, which extends far beyond any reasonable limits, is unknown to the family.

City of God (2002, 2002)

“The City of God”, a masterpiece of Brazilian cinema, deserves a special place on this list. It explores themes such as poverty, crime and violence, and drugs. The story is set in Rio de Janeiro’s slums and follows two young boys, one of whom is a skilled photographer. This photographer’s favorite is not only a great choice for its relevant themes, but it also stands out for the performance and the frank depiction. It is a stunning piece of cinematography and a must-see movie for photographers.

War Photographer (2001).

War Photographer is about James Nachtwey, a photojournalist. He is a passionate professional who is dedicated to covering global conflicts. James captures moments that others wouldn’t dare to. He does this with perseverance and bravery. He exposes the brutality and raw reality of a country that has been torn apart in war. While his lenses capture violence and death, the artist creates beautiful art to convey a loud message without words. It is also one of the most important photography movies to highlight social issues.

Blow-up (1966)

This legendary movie about photography follows Thomas’s life. Thomas, a London-based fashion photographer, makes an amazing discovery one day. He notices that he has captured a crime in the background of one of his photos while filming it. This movie is a must-see. It raises questions about photography’s essence: Do we see only what we want? Photography illuminates truth in many ways. For those who are interested in photography, this movie is a must-see.

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