The “unplugged” Wedding and Niche Trends That Are Rocking Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has become a very serious affair over the past 20 years. Every couple demands several photo sessions, including pre and post-wedding. Most people these days cannot stand some photographer telling them what to do on their big day, and thus increased the demand for candid photos. These pictures tell the story of the wedding in a more natural way than the older methods. Here are some ways to capture weddings beautifully without being the center of attraction throughout the day.

1. Make a family documentary  

Recently, narrating the story of the family has been a way to show the love and affection they have in between. The photographer makes a video of different people in the family talking about the bridegroom and the whole story that made it to this day. This method has interested many people and thus has become unavoidable these days. It can be anything like a story of how they met or how they are as a couple with some candid pictures of the couple in the background. 

Documenting a whole wedding is not just capturing the whole event in a video, says Hedsor House wedding photographer. It is a way of storytelling, and the success of the photographer is how deep the photographer can get into the minds of people who watch the video. This is more interesting when the families come from different backgrounds. 

2. The unplugged wedding

With even a two-year-old having an iPhone, weddings have become a place where people just come together to take pictures of cute moments happening at the wedding. So to make people live in the moment, several weddings they follow the no camera during the ceremony rule. All the guests are requested to put away all their devices and be completely a part of the wedding and give your blessings. This has made the role of photographers more important at weddings like this. 

Unlike other weddings where everyone surrounds the couple with their own cameras, the photographer gets enough time and space to move around and capture all the rare moments that he/she cannot capture otherwise. The reactions of the parents, groom, and even close relatives when the ceremony proceeds are priceless, and without a phone with them, all these emotions are easy to capture. In case, if people get intimidated by a camera focusing on them, maybe shoot from a safe distance and put that zoom into work. You can also opt for a light unnoticeable, a mirrorless camera like Fuji for capturing moments like this without the subject noticing your extra pair of eyes on them and get all self-conscious and ruin the photo. 

3. Style, setting and destination 

We are now in the age of people who are interested more in photographs than their dressings and makeup. It has been found that the bride and groom are ready to spend more money on photographers than their wedding costumes. The photographers can also get a beautiful location for the pre-wedding photoshoots, which are now getting increasingly popular these days. People are ready for a pre-wedding shoot so that the invites can also be printed with the pictures in it. It is up to the photographer to make this opportunity better. Decide a nice location and inform the couple. If the couple is ready for an extra budget for this shoot, then choose a proper couple destination where the pictures can be taken beautifully and travel there. Picking a theme is also essential these days while doing shoots like these. The combination of a perfect theme, setting, costume, and a lovely couple when together will give a perfect wedding shoot. 

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