Top Famous Photographers From Around The World And Their Photos

Famous Photographers: These top photographers have accomplished a lot in a very short time. These top photographers may be familiar to you, while others have an outstanding reputation in the history and art of photography. It is fascinating to see the paths of these well-known photographers, as their photos are full of vibrant colors that keep the tradition alive. Photography is not a profession, but a passion. Many people choose to travel to faraway lands to meet people and learn about different cultures. Hard work and patience are key to professional photographers.

  1. Jimmy Nelson – Famous Photographer

Jimmy Nelson, a well-known photographer from the UK, has been creating amazing photographs since 1987. He has been working on the series “Before They Pass Away” since. This has allowed him to travel extensively to countries like Vietnam, Tibet and Africa. He takes photographs of tribal people in their natural habitat and visits them to capture their emotions. It is truly amazing. He has received several international awards for his part one series and is currently working on part 2. Jimmy Nelson’s photographs have been displayed in many leading museums around the world.

  1. Rehahn – Famous Photographer

Rehahn, a French photographer who is currently settled in Vietnam, is Rehahn. His photographs of India and Vietnam are very popular. His first book, Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts was published in 2014. It contains more than 150 photos of Vietnam. This book focuses on the diverse culture. His biography states that he built the Precious Heritage collection, which now forms the heart of the Gallery Museum. He captured images of the extraordinary contrasting cultures and collected their traditional costumes. He is known for his ability to capture the souls and emotions of his models. It’s not a literal meaning. He is simply able to capture the souls of his models in a touching way.

  1. Lee Jeffries – Famous Photographer

Lee Jeffries, a Manchester-based photographer, loves to travel around the globe to photograph black and white portraits for homeless people. He discovered his passion for portrait photography of homeless people when he ran a marathon in London. When he saw a young lady sleeping in a bag, his perception of homeless people was changed. Lee Jeffries says that the emotions of homeless people can seem to ooze out, which can be used to tell amazing stories. Since then, he has taken photos of homeless people and used them as subjects. He also collects funds from his photographs to make homeless people’s lives better. This photographer is a great example of humility and dignity in his work.

  1. Joe McNally – Famous Photographer

Joe McNally is an international award-winning photographer. His work is very popular in over 70 countries. His biography states that McNally is not only a top-rated, technically-excellent photographer of his generation but also has a charming demeanor and humor which make him a highly sought-after choice for celebrities, CEO’s, and commercial clients. He is a rare photographer who bridges the gap between advertising and photojournalism. His impressive client list includes FedEx, Sony and Adidas, General Electric and Epson. His photographs have been featured in magazines such as Life, National Geographic and Life.

  1. Erik Almas – Famous Photographer

Erik Almas, a Norwegian photographer currently living in San Fransisco, is Erik Almas. At the age of 12, he was gifted a camera and has been exploring photography ever since. For four years, he studied photography at the Academy of Art University. He learned from some of the most respected mentors and tutors, and developed his own style of photography. This has made a significant impact on his career. His photos have been featured in top magazines, news magazines, and he is the proud recipient of many awards. He has worked for international clients such as Toyota, Hyatt, Pfizer and Toyota.

  1. Mario Testino – Famous Photographers

Mario Testino, a Peruvian fashion photographer, was born October 30, 1954. His photographs have been featured in magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair. Mario Testino, one of fashion’s most sought after snappers, was born in Lima, Peru, in 1954. In 1976, he moved to London and took up residence in an abandoned hospital in Trafalgar Square. He then began selling portfolios for PS25 to wannabe model hopefuls. He is most well-known for his polished, brightly colored ads and his stunning photographs of the couture scene. They are all deceptively simple. Testino is now at the top of his field, having shot Madonna for Versace and Diana, Princess of Wales, for her famous Vanity Fair cover. His professionalism, good nature, and unerring ability take beautiful photos that sell clothes are some of the reasons he is so popular with fashion editors and designers. Visit mario testino portfolio.

  1. Steve Mccurry – Famous Photographers

Steve McCurry was born in Pennsylvania on February 24, 1950. He attended Penn State University. Steve McCurry, an American photojournalist was born February 24, 1950. His photograph “Afghan Girl”, which first appeared in National Geographic magazine, is his most famous photo. Although he originally intended to study filmmaking and cinematography, he ended up completing a degree in theatre arts and graduated in 1974. When he began taking photographs for The Daily Collegian, a Penn State newspaper, he became interested in photography. After two years at Today’s Post, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, McCurry left to freelance in India. McCurry was taught to wait and watch over his life. He realized that if you wait, people will forget about your camera and the soul will disappear into view.

  1. Timothy Hogan – Famous Photographers

Timothy Hogan, a luxury goods and still-life photographer and director, is an international award-winning filmmaker based in New York, Los Angeles and London. Timothy Hogan is driven by self-motivation and keeps him on his feet. He is an avid surfer and photographer who also works as a director and cinematographer. Hogan recently created a series of photos called “The FIN Project”, which combines his passion for still life with his obsession with surfing. The collection aims to show “the shape and how a quarter inch can transform a dog into a magic’ board.” Hogan’s photographs are a mixture of old and modern architecture – each with its own unique aura. These photos show how simple objects can be transformed into beautiful masterpieces. Visit timothy

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