Top Photographs From Around The World

We all want to pause and remember all the good and bad things that have happened as we approach the end of another year in the midst of a pandemic (that won’t stop) It has been a turbulent year with many highs and lows but mostly a lot gray. We were able to identify the anomaly in. The world was devastated by a pandemic that was unlike any other. presented a new set of challenges. The pandemic is far from over, and there’s another strain of the virus in the world. However, vaccines have provided some hope through booster shots and other vaccinations.

As shops, bars, gyms and theaters began to open up in , the world saw the “light at the end” of the tunnel. The world was reenergized by the vaccines, which gave hope to the global community. Many photographers who lost a lot of their work previously due to restrictions on travel and social distancing mandates found new ways to document the world. They continue to capture stunning images. They have been able to capture beauty, despair, as well as everything in between, despite the uncertain state of the world in.

These images from the past 12 months have shown us a remarkable sense of resilience and passion for life. Photographers seem to be focusing more on the extraordinary beauty of nature than ever before and the strength and perseverance of the human spirit, rather than the years gone by. The images that have stuck with us over the course of the year are varied in color, content, and composition; but they all share a sense of appreciation–appreciation for Earth, for life, for each other.

Although there wasn’t one moment that captured’s essence, it was clear that it was a year filled with shared challenges. We shared both the challenges we faced and the beauty that surrounds us. Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning, heartbreaking, soulful, and inspiring photos from.

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