What Is Photography And What It Means To Me

There are many definitions of photography. You will find something in Thesaurus, something other on Wikipedia, the experts will tell something technical, but according to me photography is all about vision and passion. ‘Photography is an art that makes a person more creative, more informative and more lively‘. It gives you a vision to see the world in a much different way than the others. It fills your time. It gives joy to your heart. It strengthens your soul and most importantly it motivates you even in the lowest of your times. Photography helps you preserve memories, it lets you capture moments like the first step of your child and many more. So you can cherish those moments even decades later.

You must also remember that photography is not about the gears. Its about seeing something that the others don’t see, thinking something that the others don’t think. Combine your skills with passion and see the wonders you can do with your camera. Most people start photography as a hobby. Photography fills their spare time, it gives them something new to learn, it helps them understand the world in a much creative way, even an ordinary looking flower starts looking majestic to them and the interest in photography keeps on building. I started photography 3 years ago when my parents bought me a ‘NIKON COOLPIX’ and since then I have been completely engrossed in it. I am learning about photography and will keep on learning till the very end because ‘Photography is like an ocean, no matter how thirsty you are, you can never swallow it all’.

It has given me purpose just like traveling has and I have realized that life is much more beautiful when you have a purpose in life. Photography has also given me a sense of creative fulfillment. I can express myself more artistically, more creatively than I could 3 years ago. It makes me more informative. Every new photograph that I see or click makes me learn something new. It is the kind of knowledge that I can never learn in a room reading books. But most importantly photography gives me more reasons to travel and explore this beautiful world. It helps me meet new people and make each day of my life more interesting and beautiful. I love traveling, and love clicking photographs and combining these two of my passions I have found an aim in my life. The aim of ‘Traveling each and every corner of this world and clicking the most beautiful photographs this world has to offer‘. Finally, I am grateful to photography(and also to traveling) as they have made me a much better person than I was and also for the lessons they have taught me during the last three years.

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